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Virtual MSOC
Virtual Medical Special Operations Conference®


Online Training

Thank you to all who attended

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Sacrifice so that others may live.

Commited to organizing, training, and supporting the worlds most elite medical providers.

For several years the MSOC organization has been helping to guide and unite tactical, wilderness, urban, austere, disaster and remote medicine care providers from around the globe. 

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Our Mission

The Medical Special Operations Community (MSOC) organization is a non-profit missioned to provide direct support for individuals, municipalities, agencies,  and disaster response systems, while also assisting with education, rescue and response.

The MSOC is open to all first responders and invokes a spirit of good will and collaboration.  For many years we have achieved this by hosting our annual conference and other events which bring together many of the worlds experts in special operations medicine and all hazards rescue response.  


Why join the MSOC?

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