Combat Medical is forged from a team of experienced military and law enforcement medics, program managers and researchers who have extensive experience in tactical medicine. We understand the power of innovation and how it can simplify tactical medicine in order to save lives. Together with our industry partners, we are united by our vision to contribute to the success of medics and the advancement of combat medicine every day.

At Combat Medical, we are driven in our MARCH to Zero™ – the goal to achieve zero preventable deaths on the battlefield. We empower medical operators of all skill levels to reduce pre-hospital mortality and eliminate preventable deaths everywhere tactically possible. We do this by developing and delivering mission critical products that simplify tactical medicine from the point of injury through evacuation. We understand these needs because we’ve been there, that’s why we only deliver the best, easy-to-use equipment that will help you win and survive the fight.


RexONE Mobile Stretcher

The RexONE is a multi-function patient evacuation device designed for all levels of emergency responders. This Tri-fold mobile stretcher allows one responder the ability to do work of 4 to 6 responders. With a total weight 42lbs it easily handles a 400lb max payload. Its’ ergonomic design adjusts into multiple positions accommodating various physical or medical conditions. The combination of centered balanced wheels and telescoping pull handle allows a single responder 360°maneuverability and agility to quickly move a patient to safety. The RexONE frame consists of a patented, tri-panel system: Head Panel, Center Panel and Foot Panel. Each panel is framed by tubular T-6 aircraft aluminum and welded support panels with circular vents to provide increased structural strength while maintaining a lightweight and sleek profile.

Rex DCS - Descent Control System

The Rex DCS Descent Control System is a multi-function patient evacuation device designed for all levels of emergency responders the Rex DSC provides all the versatility of the RexONE system with the added function of an integrated braking system called Descent Control System (DCS). The Descent Control System allows users to control speed while maneuvering down steep grades or stairwells. The Hand Brake contains a Safety Lock Button that when engaged secures the brake rods in a locked position without constant pressure on Hand Brake.

Quick Release IV Pole

Adjust to multiple lengths and angles to ensure delivery of maintain delivery of Intervenes infusion and can quickly be removed from the base mount for patient transfer or easy storage. The quick release hand latch locks the extension rod into place for a secure transport. The double hook rings can hold up to 4 fluid bags