Sharp Medical Products, LLC is a United States based company with a main goal of designing, developing and producing high quality practical medical devices for usage throughout the world. Once developed, Sharp is positioned to either (1) manufacturer and commercialize the product or to (2) license the technology to another medical device entity. 

Sharp Medical Products, LLC is comprised of a team of experts with more than 40 years expertise in clinical design, manufacturing and distribution of Class I, II and III devices.



Simple oxygen face masks were patented in the 1950s with relatively little improvement in oxygen delivery; the typical mask delivers ~40-50% oxygen even when run at 15 L of oxygen per minute. Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) has redesigned the face mask from virtually the ground up to create the O2MAX®. Several research studies have been performed on O2MAX®. O2MAX® has 9 critical enhancements resulting in oxygen delivery of up to 64% more than market leading masks! This game changing technology has been developed in such a way that O2MAX® will not cost more than other masks to manufacture.

The Reactor®

Placement of a chest tube into the thoracic cavity has been around for more than 100 years with virtually no change in technique! Imagine driving a Model T car today down the highway – would it be as safe, fast, effective and reliable as a modern car at 65 MPH? The Reactor® offers medical professionals a revolutionary way to insert chest tubes into the thoracic cavity. In other words, it is minimally invasive compared to the open technique! Putting this in perspective, how many appendectomies are still done with an open incision?

Product Development

In addition to developing our own internally generated ideas into medical products, Sharp Medical Products, LLC does entertain developing ideas for devices from medical providers. Sharp Medical Products, LLC understands that for the vast majority of medical professionals developing a medical product from idea to commercial production is near herculean in nature and extremely costly. However, we may be able to help!